Welcome to My Blog!

I am so excited to be chronicling my journey here to share with you. I have some very exciting things that I am working on right now as well as some upcoming plans that I am extremely looking forward to. Heres some things to look out for:  

As a Senior at the Maryland Institute College of Art, I am working hard on my thesis project. I'm spending a lot of time in my studio making weavings that discus reality, memories and entertainment. I could spend eternity at my loom and live the immortal life of a happy weaver. 

Along with weaving, I am also currently working on some costuming projects. There are three productions I am working on this Spring: Jailbait, Blackbird, and The Last House Standing. The first two are MICA produced plays that will begin running on March 31. Coming right up Ha. Those costumes are in their final stages as they make their way toward dress rehearsal this coming week. The Last House Standing  is a side project I am working on with a small group of people. The script is written by Sheila Gaskins and describes a neighborhood that was affected by the construction of the Highway to Nowhere in Baltimore. We have just finished our illustrations for these costumes and are looking forward to them coming to life. 

After graduation, I will be heading to Pittsburgh to a position at the Society for Contemporary Craft. I am looking forward to continuing my work, connecting art and the community, and empowering individuals through art.

Thanks for reading! More updates on my projects to come soon!